It is a job ready program. It is necessary for students who are willing to learn the professional market of Australian employment. Inshort, we can say it provides the opportunity to implement theory knowledge learned during study to the real-time world through training and a professional career path. Most important phase of PYE is internship. After practical training in the class, PYE offers a 3-month internship program. They will prepare students to face interviews for internships in various companies. Most of the students ignore this phase and take it lightly because this is the golden opportunity for the students to be selected for paid employment after internship if we do our best. There is a lot of success stories out in the market who has been able to crack the internship and continue to work as a paid employee.

For skill graduates, there are 3 major industries; IT, Engineering and Accounting.

Advantages of PYE program:

  • Professional job experience (includes: real-time working environment, Australian work ethics and culture)
  • Helps to increase your communication and professional ability.
  • Get extra 5 points to apply for Permanent residency.